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Weight loss & Weight Maintenance Coaching

After having lost a significant amount of weight, it can be easy to fall back into old habitual eating or snacking patterns that cause the weight to creep back on.

In this program you will learn to notice your beliefs around food, the triggers that cause you to want to return to the old habitual eating patterns and help you  to re-train your internal dialogue to make your new food lifestyle easy to implement and maintain.

Self Esteem Enhancement and Confidence Coaching

How much do you truly value and appreciate yourself?

On the outside you may be projecting an image of self confidence and having it all together, but on the inside struggle to be real, authentic and express yourself truthfully.

Low self worth can manifest in a variety of behaviors such as, people pleasing, unforgiveness towards yourself and others, fear trying something new or seeking love, approval and appreciation in all the wrong places etc.

In this program you will learn HOW to turn around the self critical beliefs and projections that are holding you back in your life and career and launch yourself wholeheartedly in a new direction.

New mindset = New result

You will be transformed after the first session!

Overcome a Shopping habit

In this program, we help habitual shoppers and those who shop excessively to understand why they overshop and how to stop.

We understand that over shopping and financial problems don’t only stem from a lack of financial skills. They are more often are manifestations of mindset issues.

We will help you understand the thinking patterns, beliefs and habits that are causing you to live this way and show you a proven system that will enable you to live joyfully and authentically without the need to continually shop.

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Everything we are searching for on the outside is actually to be found within.

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