Are you experiencing low self esteem?

Believing that no matter what you do you won’t ever be good enough?

Have had a relationship or friendship breakup?

Have done something that you can’t forgive yourself for?

Are hiding behind mask?

Stuck in comparison and jealousy?

Feeling that you are different in some way from everyone around you?

Feeling like your thoughts are a barrier to achieving your dreams?

I’ve been there too

You are not alone.
I have been there too.

My early life experiences lead me to believe that I no matter what I did I would never be good enough. I spent many years accumulating qualifications and climbing corporate ladders to prove that I was good enough, yet deep down inside, behind the mask, I still experienced self doubt.

I eventually came to learn that I was not my thoughts and just because I believed a thought didn’t make it true.

The mental model of who I was, was just that, a model /image in my mind. A set of thoughts I believed about myself.

As I began to question my automatic beliefs about who I was, what I could do and who I would be without the thought, my perspective shifted and the “real Ishani” confidently stepped forward.

For the past 25 years I have been supporting clients with the tools and skills they need to discover who they are without barrier thinking.

You will be given a proven system, that when applied with an open heart and mind, will take you from being stuck in repetitive negative thinking patterns and self put downs

– to –

being a resilient enthusiastic participant in your life, confident to let the “real you” stand up and be seen.

Programme outcome

These skills will empower you to…

Discover that fundamentally you are good enough – and there is plenty of proof (if you need it).

Be aware of your triggers and thought patterns that follow.

Be grateful for the relationship/friendship and also grateful that it has ended.

Find forgiveness and a healing way to make amends.

Be empowered to fly – Doing your work and make your dreams into reality.

Be free of comparison to others.

Focus on what is your business and what isn’t.

Celebrate that you are different and embrace your uniqueness.

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