Individual Coaching 1:1

Individual Coaching 1:1

Working together 1:1 is a powerful way to slice through the obstacles that are stopping you from flying in your life.

Thoughts such as “I don’t belong”, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t …..” have a profound impact on the quality of your life and be the source of emotional impulses. Learn to regulate your emotional impulses with data and question the validity of the stories that fuel the behavior.

Together we can identify and question any thought that would keep you from emotional and financial freedom.


“I highly recommend Ishani’s 6 week self-esteem program. Before working with Ishani I was a little bit lost. Outwardly, I had achieved what many would regard as professional and personal success. Inwardly, I was increasingly frustrated and disappointed with myself and my life. My internal dialogue was relatively unhealthy and it had gradually evolved over time to become what I now realise was toxic. What started from unrealistic self-imposed expectations turned into a cycle of negative self-talk and blame that had mentally exhausted me. After working with Ishani, I have significantly improved my self-esteem and the impact this has had on every aspect of my life is incredible! I now have clean thinking, a positive and productive mindset and a lot of self-love. I am calmer, kinder and more considerate of myself and others. I have the confidence to uphold my personal and professional limits and boundaries more assertively to the benefit of all my relationships and this has translated into a simpler, happier and less cluttered life.” – A.W.

Struggling with maintaining weight I thought Ishani’s self-esteem coaching could help. Since completing the 6 week program it has had changed more than I expected. The key for me was my script which consolidated all the work into rewired thoughts. The script:

• improved how I prioritised my work and got things done – these days I don’t procrastinate,

• it helped me think through what I choose to be responsible for versus feeling obligated to just do, and  

• best of all it was fundamental in my job change. In the interview I was prepared, confident, and relaxed. Later I was told the panel were impressed with me, reinforcing the program.

While I’ve had some wins with my weight it requires constant work and my successes encourage me to keep at it. I recommend Ishani’s 6 week self-esteem program I believe you will gain a new outlook as I have. – Tania

“Ishani has helped me personally and also my mother. She is an expert guide of Byron Katie’s The Work and is so supportive and intelligent in the way she takes you through the process. Her method allows you to gain massive perspective shifts and provide healing and inner peace. She helped me to deal with the grind of daily life and to take the emotion away from stressful situations and look at the facts for what was REALLY going on. For my mother she helped her to move on from a heartache she had been carrying around for 15 years. Seeing my mum after her one day workshop was like seeing a whole new person, it was quite miraculous and I’m very grateful to Ishani for that.” – Mereana B

“Ishani helped me with some debriefing I requested, in from a professional encounter in my field.  I needed someone discreet and practical to sit with me, while I worked a stressful thought about my capacity in a difficult situation.  Ishani held a strong and supportive space, that enabled me to face my thoughts about how I had managed that encounter. I was harshly questioning my efficacy, that I had really escalated in my mind.  I found that working with Ishani enabled me to stop criticising myself and look at the situation from a more peaceful point of view.  This enabled me to address my concerns and really see what a beneficial impact I had really had, in that situation.  Even though the situation was highly charged and challenging, I was able to address my fears and re-engage in my work, strengthened from the experience.
I would recommend Ishani to work with anyone who was open to sharing their experience freely for better self appreciation.” – Marilyn P

“I started working with Ishani on an individual basis after attending a worthwhile introductory weekend workshop she ran on Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ – an interesting structured form of self-inquiry. She helped me apply that methodology to address a number of issues in my work and personal life, including managing interactions with a difficult staff member, supporting a young adult son with some difficult things in his life, and improving my relationship with food. Ishani calmly, empathetically and non-judgmental helped me learn to apply the four questions that are the basis of The Work to all these issues, which revealed how much the pain and stress I experienced regarding them were more caused by how I thought about them, as what actually happened.  As a result I feel much better equipped to tackle (and prevent) other difficult future issues. I thoroughly recommend Ishani as a coach”. – Diane O

“You are awesome and do amazing work!!! I’m so thankful for this opportunity. I’m going to put what I’ve learned into action. Go home and talk to my Mum. Be open and honest.” – Samantha R

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your honesty, authenticity, love and kindness. You’ve given me the tools to self evaluate. I am enlightened and lighter.” – Barb H

Will the real you please stand up?