Self-Care and Shopping

In this age of social media, self-care has become associated with spas, massages, boutiques, workouts and saunas. All of which require serious amounts of cash.

Self-care is made to sound expensive and claimed to be a need by an industry, that while they may care about you, are also motivated by a bottom line.

We are encouraged to take mini-breaks and “treat” ourselves by spending, on expensive products.

However, I propose that you don’t have to earn a six digit salary to make caring for yourself a priority.

In fact, daily self-care as a practice is simple and effective because it is about getting the basics right. It takes more effort, but a lot less cash.

Doing these 10 things will shift the needle for you significantly more than spending on luxury items that lose their magic within a few hours or days after purchase.

Try these and I assure you that you will have a significant shift and will make you feel better long term.

1. Eat cleanly

Eat foods like they look in nature, rather than after they have been processed.

A handful of raw or toasted nuts will be more beneficial than a commercially produced nut bar.

2. Sleep: Get 8 hours sleep, including 1-2 hours of deep sleep

Yes, getting 8 hours of sleep regularly does have a cumulative effect on your mind and body. This includes 1-2 hours of deep sleep.

Some ideas on how you can make this happen:

  • Charge your device in another room overnight – you won’t be tempted to pick it up and start scrolling and then shopping.
  • If you have a partner who snores, bless them, sleep in another room.
    It doesn’t mean that you don’t love them – it’s self care.
    Even the Queen of England sleeps in room separate from the Duke.

3. Read a physical book

Yes, a physical book – not on your kindle or phone where there are pop-ups. Reading a physical book is a far more soothing experience than reading on technology.

Books uplift you, expand your mind & require you to be in the pre-frontal cortex – an area of the mind that is not as prone to distress and emotional upset.

Visit a library – Magazines can cost upwards of $10, but also can be borrowed from the library for 50 cents per week.

4. Exercise

As daily practice walk for 30 minutes around the block. Initially, it can feel difficult to make these changes, but after just 3 days you will feel significantly better.

5. Drink 2-3 liters of water

Sounds crazy as a self care action right? But, I assure you that once you start you will not go back. Being well hydrated with water, will exponentially improve your sense of well being and focus.

6. Friendship circle – Circle of influence

It is said that we become the sum average of those we surround ourselves with.

Associate with happy, goal orientated people, you will be inspired to be happy and goal orientated.

Associate with negative, toxic, people who complaining continually, guess that the result will be?

Having a good social circle positively impacts your mental and emotional health. Spending time with them, chatting, laughing, discussing issues will have a positive impact on our body and mind.

The more good people you surround yourself with, the better your circle influence will be.

7. Clean and organize living space

A messy space effects your mental health and the efficiency of your daily routine.

Spending time cleaning up your living and work-space is a gesture of self-care and self-love. After a while a clean space to live and work in will be less of chore to create for yourself and the impact soothing.

8. Reduce amount of time spent on social media

Unlimited scrolling, over a long periods of time only yields a lot of unnecessary problems. Things like sleep disturbance, a feeling of missing out, damage to eye-sight and lowered self-esteem.

Social media is great to have in our lives as it connects and entertain but it also snatches our sense of worthiness and well-being, leaving us numb to the beauty around us.

9. Meditate and check in with yourself and others

Spending time on your own self, taking a break and reflecting on your current position in life. In this moment – are you hungry or full, what brings you joy, are you focusing on what you don’t have vs what you do?

Asking yourself these questions as this will free your mind a lot.

10. Find a hobby that does not require a screen

Shutting off the electronics for a while and spending precious time doing a fun activity or hobby will nourish you.

Electronic media entertains our mind, but hobbies and physical activities nourish the mind, heart, body and soul.

These actions are genuine self-care that won’t send you into debt or require a trip to the mall.

Let’s redefine self care and get the basics right first.

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Ishani Noble is a Chartered Accountant and Mindset coach that helps individuals whose shopping habits are impacting their finances and relationships to understand why they over shop and how to stop.

If you are ready to change and want an experienced guide to show you how to stop over shopping and improve your self-worth, reach out for a FREE strategy session for us to discuss your particular situation.

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